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How To Deep Clean A Kitchen



In a kitchen, there are some important parts and items that should be cleaned routinely to make it look clean and hygienic. The kitchen sink, oven, stove [electronic, glass, gas stove], fan, refrigerator, dishwasher, kitchen cabinets, and the likes make up a modern kitchen and need to be tended to. With all these and more in your kitchen, there is a need for deep cleaning to keep your kitchen sparkling.


Before you decide to deep clean, you must ensure to do the following.

  1. Make sure to wear protective clothing
  2. Avoid chemical products and if you must use any, make sure to follow the instructions.
  3. Open the windows or turn on the fan to keep the kitchen area ventilated.
  4. Test any new product in an invisible area to be sure it won’t cause any expense.


  1. Protective clothing
  2. Gloves if needed
  3. Dust mop
  4. Any bucket size of your choice
  5. Sponges, towel, and broom
  6. Your choice of chemical cleaning product


  1. Disconnect any electrical appliances in the kitchen.
  2. Start by washing used dishes and cleaning the sink.
  3. Clean the walls using a dust mop, soap, and water. You can also use a wet towel to clean the doorknobs, doors, and spilled food on your wall.
  4. Dust and clean the Arts [if there are any] using a slightly wet towel.
  5. Clean the ceiling fan using a soft oil soap cleanser.
  6. Wash the curtains and blinds using a sponge and soap. Gently remove the screens, wash both in and out, rinse and replace.
  7. Clean the oven, refrigerator, and stove. Be careful with these items to avoid a minor accident. Dispose of expired food and empty items in the refrigerator.
  8. Properly wash and rinse the blender carefully. Don’t forget to clean the inward and outward part of your microwave. With a towel soaked in soap, clean the toaster. If you have a fan installed in your kitchen, clean the fan while minding the blades.
  9. Get rid of any unused item on the cabinet and drawers then rearrange. Rearrange by first sorting out the ones that are not frequently used. Clean the drawer and each item before reinstalling them back to their new position.
  10. If you have dishwater in your kitchen, then clean it too. Start by cleaning out the food trap in it. Remember to wash the outside of the dishwasher too. 
  11. Lastly, wash the floor [either tiled or wooden] with sponge clean with a long mob using green cleaning products and water for a rinse. Rinse and let it dry.


  1. Use any soap of your choice but must have a nice scent to keep the dishwasher from smelling bad.
  2. Avoid using chemical products as they are toxic and pose a threat to your health. Use green cleaning products instead.
  3. To deep clean a kitchen, you may spend the whole day. You want to hire a professional deep cleaning service to save time and energy.


Deep cleaning a kitchen requires time and a lot of effort. It is a daunting task that every homeowner should avoid by hiring deep cleaning services. Professional deep cleaning services have the experience and skills to make your kitchen sparkling clean. They also use green cleaning solutions to promote good hygiene.

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How an Internet Video got me Cleaning my Toaster with a Hair Dryer




It is always exciting to find out how home appliances often come in handy in the most unexpected ways. 

From hand vacuuming your microwave to get rid of crumbs to cleaning greasy cabinets with a steamer, and as I recently discovered, cleaning dirty toasters with a blow dryer. 

Household appliances have always done more than their job descriptions required, but it is not every day that an appliance crosses over from the dressing table to the kitchen.  

But as online influencer Jessica Haizman proved, what’s good for your dressing table can sometimes be good for your kitchen.

Haizman took to TikTok to show case an interesting way to clean up a filthy toaster. It takes only three steps, and it seemed to work. 

I had not deep cleaned my toaster in all its years of service, so I was eager to give it a shot. What made me even more excited about the project was that according to the video, I already had all the tools I needed to execute the job. I was ready to do it. 

Haizman first suggested using a microfiber cloth to help dislodge bigger particles inside the toaster slot. If the microfiber cloth is dry, it should be easy to push the crumbs so that they fall into the tray. I tried that part and found it was not too hard. 

Now I just had to get rid of the bigger particles once and for all by removing the tray from the toaster and washing it in the sink before drying it on the dish rack. This part was not difficult either. 

By now you are probably wondering how the blow dryer comes in. This part is a little more complicated, but the main idea is that you are blowing the air downward in order to force out the debris lodged inside the toaster. These particles would be hard to get out any other way. 

The good news is that it worked. The particles stuck inside the toaster did come out. The bad news? They ended up scattered across my kitchen floor and counter.

If you want to avoid this, you can hold your toaster upside over the trash can and proceed to shake it gently until the crumbs budge. 

After that, you can use the blow dryer to remove any small particles still stuck inside the toaster. Do this over the trash can to avoid a mess. Use a low setting. 

After you have finished removing the crumbs, you can now wipe down the toaster’s outer walls using water with some white vinegar in it. This will remove all the grime and grease on the surface.

The results? Even though there are still some rusty looking spots, my toaster looks a lot younger and shiner. Now if you will excuse me, I need to clean all the bits of toast scattered across my kitchen counters. 

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Know your Way about Butter-Rich Pasta




Pasta and butter are two of the most compatible food ingredients you can use in your kitchen. Here are some sure-fire ways to bring together butter and pasta for a delicious and comforting dish. 

It wasn’t too long ago that nobody wanted to cook with butter. Low-fat yoghurt or Velveeta was a more popular choice than butter. 

Now that people have developed a better appreciation for the qualities of butter, we can enjoy the full flavor and creamy texture that butter brings to any dish. 

Many chefs find that they cannot do without butter in their kitchen sink, and we are no exception. Now, butter is an essential ingredient in any pasta dishes. 

Indeed, Northern Italians who are blessed with cool climate and plenty of cattle they use a generous serving of butter in their pasta.

Butter sauces are great. But you can do a lot more with butter. Adding it to a meaty sauce or incorporating it into a ravioli filling makes the dish ultimately more satisfying and creamy as well as balances out flavors. 

Using butter in caramelized onions to accompany your pasta is a great way to turn pasta into a filling and comforting winter dish. Caramelized onions are both savory and sweet in a good way. To make it perfect, use a generous amount of Kerrygold butter.

Here are some of our best pasta-butter combinations for every season:

Butter in Sauces

There is something about butter melting on pasta that brings to life adult comforts and childhood dreams. Butter and parmesan go really well with spaghetti, but they are even better combined with pasta stuffing because they do so much to bring out the delicious flavors of the cheeses, proteins, and vegetables. 

It really doesn’t matter whether you prefer to add it to your pasta water, cook the butter until it is golden, or add some fresh herbs for extra flavor. Butter never disappoints when you use it to dress tortellini, ravioli, as well as agnolotti.

Butter for Finishing Touches

A little butter added to a dish gives it that extra je ne sais quoi that is missing. Turn to butter to give a meat sauce that missing something that makes it that much better in terms of richness and holds it all together. 

After preparing a creamy sauce, turn off the heat and beat in some cold butter to make the soup smooth and velvety.

When you are preparing a tomato sauce, you might find that a little butter keeps it from being too acidic and makes it smoother but not too heavy. 

Even your store-bought sauces could do better with some butter.

Butter as a Flavor Carrier

Herbs have a way of upgrading the basics you have in your panty. From roasted garlic, chiles, parmesan, fresh herbs, steak, toast, and pretty much anything else. Even truffles. Butter has a way of making the things you love even better. 

Butter for Pasta Filling

Once you get a taste of pasta filling with butter, you won’t want to have it any other way. Adding plenty of brown butter to your squash, cheese, meat, or sweet corn pasta filling makes it that much more creamy and irresistible. 

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6 Essentials for Putting Together the Perfect Home Bar




Now that we know we won’t be going to bars for a while, it might be a good time to think about doing something to give yourself the bar experience at home. 

We want to make this easy for you, and this is why we are putting together this list of bar carts and other bar essentials for your home. There has never been a better year to invest in a bar. 

So here goes:

Bar Cart Over $200: Mid-Century Bar Cart

This classic mid-century inspired bar cart got some of the best reviews from experts for good reasons. It is a fine looking cart that you will be sorry not to be able to show it off. 

Bar Cart Under $200: Made by Design Round Utility Cart

This cart has already garnered lots of excellent reviews for its pretty look, practicality, and friendly price. The Made by Design Round utility cart is also versatile enough that it can be repurposed into different uses. 

Blender for Margaritas: Vitamix E310

This one is expensive, but it does offer the best in terms of the consistency of blended drinks and textures. If you want to save yourself the trouble of trying and failing with different blenders, you want to go for the Vitamix. It is worth the price. 

Wine Fridge: Ivation 18-Bottle Wine and Beverage Cooler

This one is for people who don’t have a wine cellar in their homes. A mini fridge capable of holding 18 bottles is the next best thing. Even better, this fridge is compact enough to fit in small spaces. 

The cooler protects drinks from UV light with it’s double-paned glass doors and it’s temperature ranges from 41°F to 64°F.

Kegerator: Insignia Kegerator

If you love draft beer, you want to gift yourself this kegerator. The best thing about the Insignia Kegerator is that it offers a quality comparable to other options in the market but at a lower price. 

Electric Ice Maker: GE Opal Nugget Countertop Ice Maker

Nugget ice may not be as popular as King Cube Ice Trays, but it really comes in handy with mint juleps, rum, as well as cokes. 

The machine cranks out crunchy ice, freeing you from having to get ice from a gas station. 

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